This page shows some statistics for the Carat community. All the numbers shown here are across the entire Carat community and may differ from suggestions and numbers displayed by Carat for any individual user.

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These statistics were generated from data gathered by the Carat project. All numbers are estimates generated by a computer program.

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General statistics

These statistics use two terms, energy-intensive applications (or Hogs) and energy anomalies (or Bugs). Energy-intensive applications use more of your battery than average applications. Typical energy-intensive applications include Internet radio, watching movies, voice communications, and 3D games. Energy anomalies are applications that behave normally for most users, but use more than average energy for a particular user or users. These can be caused by user settings, application configurations, or programming errors in the application.

Out of installed applications, % are energy-intensive (Hogs in the Carat App) and % are energy anomalies (Bugs).

Out of installed Android applications, % are energy-intensive and % are energy anomalies.

Out of installed iOS applications, % are energy-intensive and % are energy anomalies.

Out of users, % have at least a single energy anomaly.

Popular Device Models



      Operating System Versions and Device Models

      The below chart displays how users are distributed between platforms, operating system versions and device models. Click a segment to zoom in. Click in the center to zoom out.

      Top 200 Energy-Intensive Applications

      The bubble chart below shows the evolution of the top 200 most energy-intensive applications on Android or iOS. Click your platform, then click Play. Area of the circle indicates the number of users of the application and the color indicates how much battery life would be gained if a user would stop using that application. Note that color and size are not comparable between platforms.

      Users: Measurements: Stop using to gain: min
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